12 Heavy Hitter Actors Are Rumored To Work Together On Thundercats Movie 2017.


During my growing up years, Thundercats was my most loved show. In the day and age we live in, with advances in film innovation, I trust right now is an ideal opportunity to breathe life into Thundara and Third Earth. Here’s my view on who should be cast in the characteristic roles.

1. Liam Hemsworth As Lion-O

The youthful, dubious pioneer of the group, Lion-O is the legitimate Lord of the Thundercats. His adventure, both in the first cartoon and the more recent one, is about him realizing what it takes to be both a “man” and a pioneer. I’m positive that Hemsworth has the characteristics required to handle both the energetic richness and yearning to be viewed as a man.


2. Milla Jovovich As Cheetara

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