12 Cameos In Rogue One That You Might’ve Missed

3. Wedge Antilles

The arrival of Wedge Antilles is really fascinating. It is trusted that Antilles is a name that is as common as Smith or Jones, and that Wedge and Raymus Antilles are not related to each other. We get no additional confirmation of them being family. Where this cameo is somewhat extraordinary is that the performer that really showed up as Wedge is not in the motion picture. Rather we hear David Ankrum, who voiced Wedge in A New Hope. Dennis Lawson played Wedge in the original in 1977. In any case, his voice was dubbed over, since he couldn’t give an American accent while filming. Ankrum was brought into the sound blend, since they didn’t want Wedge sounding British. While Ankrum is not credited for his work here, there are reports that he came back to record voice overs as Rogue Two, otherwise known as Wedge. Despite the fact that Dennis Lawson didn’t return along with other performing artists in Star Wars: The Force Awakens to repeat his part as a much more seasoned Wedge, the character lives on in Rogue One.


4. Red and Gold Leader

If you don’t know who Red and Gold Leader are, these two are taken back to the extra large screen flying their X-WIngs amid the huge raid on Scarif. Furthermore, even though they are about forty years older than when they initially showed up in A New Hope, the performing artists that play Red Leader of the X-Wing squad and Gold Leader of the Y-Wing squad, returned on account of the assistance of some progressed CGI strategies. The voice of Drewe Henley, who’s no more and Angus MacInnes are utilized to reproduce these parts.

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