12 Cameos In Rogue One That You Might’ve Missed


In Rogue One, while some cameos are very self-evident, others are harder to spot. What’s more, some appear in name as it were. Some of these are fun while some of them feel shoehorned in. So, we have here, 12 such cameos….

1. Walrus Man and Dr.Evazan

Ponda Babba was initially named Walrus Man by Kenner when the Star Wars action figures were launched. Furthermore, Dr.Evazan, never at got an action figure amid the first run of the toy line. The two are spotted on the Jedi sacred planet of Jedha, where they run into Jyn and Cassian. By one means or another, this duo figured out how to escape death and destruction that happens on Jedha seconds before their run in with Luke and Old Ben at the MosEisley Cantina. This is one of the more surprising cameos.


2. Captain Antilles

Antilles is the Captain of the Tantive IV, and gets choked by Darth when he declines to surrender the plans to the Death Star, asserting his ship has captured no transmissions. He was already seen towards the end of Revenge of the Sith, where he takes ownership for 3PO and R2-D2. Despite the fact that he’s not a key player in Rogue One, he gets two vital scenes. The first is when Bail Organa leaves Yavin IV for Alderann. Bail summons the Captain to ‘prepare’. We see Reymus again towards the end of the motion picture, when his team of Rebels have gotten away from the fury of Darth Vader, and he hands over the Death Star plans to Princess Leia.

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