10 Best Comic Animated Series


The Tick, kept running from 1994 to 1996. It was honest to its maker Ben Edlund’s source material and extended the universe with various comical additions to the cast, similar to Die Fledermaus, American Maid, Sewer Urchin and Dinosaur Neil. The Tick enchanted kids and grown-ups alike with plots like the alien intruder Thrakkorzog making a Tick clone out of mucus. Furthermore, Tick makes a sidekick out of wood when he feels deserted by Arthur. Despite the fact that the show never really tested existing limits, its allure with grown-ups was sufficiently strong. In fact, it was syndicated on Comedy Central after its original run on Fox Kids. The show inspired computer games, toys, and a brief 2001 live action series in three seasons.



This show thought outside the box. It took a black and white comic book that was in actuality implied as a farce, and transformed it into the greatest hit of all times.
Regardless of whether you were a Michelangelo, a Donatello, a Raphael, or a Leonardo, if you were a child while this show was airing, you surely must’ve hollered “Turtle Power!” more than once. The show that generated from the comic thus made the franchise sufficiently prominent for various movies, computer games and a wide range of attire and different items. In fact, there’s even a “sexy ninja turtle” outfit sold!

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