10 Classic Comic Book Based Animated Series That Everyone Must-Watch!


We know that Marvel is still making profits on the 1990s nostalgia for the X-Men cartoon with the X-Men ’92 comic book series. This reminded us of how awesome Justice League Unlimited and X-Men were and how numerous amazing animated series were based on comic books. So here’s our rundown of the ten best comic book animated series ever!

10. Ducktales

Disney’s DuckTales, which aired from 1987 to 1990, is a comic book adaptation. However, it’s not as clear as the others on this rundown. Not at all like Donald Duck, Ducktales star Uncle Scrooge showed up in comic books to begin with, and the show was based on stories by the character’s maker, Carl Barks. DuckTales kept running for 100 episodes, motivated the feature film Treasure of the Lost Lamp and prompted to the making of “The Disney Afternoon.” It additionally has one of the catchiest signature melodies in TV history which went like “Life is like a hurricaaaaane here in… Duckburg…”


9. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

This show was a hit in its first season itself. It had solo episodes that were initially broadcast in pieces. This prompted to the group meeting up in a huge manner. This could be viewed as the purest Avengers kid’s shows ever. It also carried an infectious signature tune. The second season finished the series, to be supplanted not long after by Avengers Assemble, which happens in the same universe as Disney XD’s other animated series Ultimate Spider-Man.

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