10 Actors Who Could Replace Peter Capaldi As Doctor Who


The 12thDoctor has declared that he will leave Doctor Who towards the end of 2017. It’s a pity to see Capaldi go, especially with the performer beginning to hit his walk as the Doctor. So who could replace Capaldi? Let’s have a look at a few possibilities…

10. Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith has figured out how to build up herself as one of Britain’s most awesome actresses on the stage and on the little screen. After Two Pints of Lager, she’s showed up in comedies, dramas, plays and musicals, and demonstrated an awesome range over each. She’s very likeable and an incredible comic on-screen character. Additionally, she’s equipped for giving intense performances like in Mrs. Biggs and in Inside No. 9 as a guest role. This means she could adapt to whatever the show required of her.


9. Ben Whishaw

If we go look wise, Ben is the apt choice. As it is, he looks handsome and has floppy hair. In addition to this, he has a body of work displayed in Criminal Justice, The Hour, London Spy and in Bond as Q. Furthermore, he has the wit and charm to be the next Doctor.

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